Thursday, October 06, 2005

Time for Extra Credit! (part 1)

Hey guys! What are you up to? This is my first newsletter letter and I'm so excited right now! I don't even know what to talk about... Dodge doesn't normally let me near the typewriter or anything. I told him we should have grabbed one of those really good accountants from the future, but then he mentioned something about a "check plus" on my next reflection paper, and I shut up real fast. Since I'm interning for Dodge, I have to write reflection papers every once in a while and talk about what I have been doing in the library. Ya know, most library interns have to dust the card catalogues, re-shelve books, and occasionally move books from their normal section to the "banned books" room in the back. I have to do all of that too... but I also get to travel through time! How about those apples! (Don't ask about the oranges, I still think they are on alert.)

Anyways, here is what I wrote in my reflection paper... the very same paper that got me a nice, red, check plus!

"Interning with the Best" by Pluck Gumption

When I started working for Dodge I didn't know what I would be getting myself into. Sure I thought I would have to get him coffee and help him stamp books, but I never expected to go on crazy adventures with him all around the world! We've gone to all sorts of crazy places, just to find books! And then we bring the books back to the library and put them in glass cases. People aren't even allowed to get them out! My thesis for this paper is that Dodge is awesome.

The second day I went to work, I discovered this strange hallway in the back of the library, near the restrooms... it had a sign above the entrance that read "Hall of Interns." I walked down the hallway and found all these pictures on the wall, and they were all dead! I don't really know what that was all about... it was sort of creepy. I hope that doesn't mean that the library is haunted or something, because the last thing I need is books flying off the shelves and hitting me in the head!

But anyways, Dodge is the best librarian in the world. Not because he doesn't charge people late fees, but because he time travels. We didn't always time travel, though... we used to just hunt down books and go on adventures in our time, 1939, but once we got the Chronotope from Grandpa then we were able to travel to any time! I mean, were WOULD have been able to do that if mean Mr. Farious hadn't tried to get the book too. It's his fault the thing is ripped in half and now we both can travel through time! Thank goodness he only got half and not the whole thing, though, because then Dodge and I wouldn't be able to do anything to stop him! I mean, my trusty knapsack may get us out of alot of tight spots, but it certainly can't travel through time.

Anyways, Dodge has taught me alot of things. So far I've learned not to climb up trellises, and putting your head outside a fast moving car can dry your eyes out. I've only been interning with Dodge for two semesters, but so far I think I'm on a good road to graduation. Dodge is awesome.

Check it out! That was a great paper, and it got me a check plus! I didn't think I would make that two-page requirement, but after I hit return twice between each sentence, it filled up nice!