Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Italian Cows: My Eternal Obsesssion" by Pluck Gumption

Okay, so I was talking to some peeple and they were asking me while I love those italian cows so much! I mean, I thought it was fairly obvious, but I guess they didn't see my reasons.

I first learned about italian cows when Dodge and I visited grandpa and he first told us about the Chronotope. We went into his study so that he could talk to us, and we could be warm (because that's where he keeps his fireplace)... and there they were. These great big, brown chairs. Grandpa said they were made of italian leather, which we all know comes from... ITALIAN COWS! Holy moly it was sweet. I had never sat in anything that comfortable before, and believe me, I've sat in alot of stuff!

So I did some research in the library and found out that italian cows can be found in Italy! Dodge and I were recently in Italy tracking down this crazy manifesto guy. You would think that I would run in to an italian cow while I was in italy, but no luck. Then again, I'm glad I didn't run into one... it may have hurt.

When I finish my internship, and get a job as an adventurer and get rich, I'm going to import an italian cow and keep him at my house. And I'll have one of those doors that splits in half. You know, like a door on top of the other. Yeah, those are cool. And I'll have this cow come up and poke his head through the door. And I'll feed him spaghetti, or whatever italian cows eat. Maybe he'll talk, but I'm not counting on it!

-Pluckworth Gumption