Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Pages of Time" Now Appearing on Streaming Radio!

"Dodge Intrepid" has now been put into rotation on its first online radio station, opening up the series to a greater number of Library Aids! In case you have never downloaded the podcast or just wanted to hear all of the episodes in a traditional weekly format starting from the very beginning, now is your chance.

The online radio station Progressive Positivity, a station devoted to prog rock and jazz, is now airing a new episode each week on three different days! You can tune in Monday at 2AM or 2PM, Wednesdays at 6AM or 6PM, and Fridays at 4AM and 4PM! The same episode will be played throughout the entire week, with the next consecutive episode starting the following Monday!

This week is the debut episode (Ep101), where we are first introduced to Dodge, Pluck, Grandpa Edsel and the Chronotope. It's a classic episode that set the entire series into motion!

You can stream the radio station by visiting or just click this link for a Broadband Stream.

(Special thanks to Moses Talbot, the Fusion Reactor DJ and a personal friend of ours, for getting our radio show on the air!)