Monday, April 03, 2006

The Verdict is in: Dodge a Big Success!

The cast of Dodge Intrepid would like to thank everyone who made our last performance a huge success! Just as the previous performances, Cafe Kolache was once again filled with people listening closely to adventures of the greatest librarian in history. Special thanks to our fans who have been attending the show since the very beginning!

dodges3.jpgThe cast would also like to thank Danny Rubino for running the sound for us (and for holding up the "Clap!" sign), Moses Talbot for his sound expertise and for recording the live audio, John Dessler for the use of his audio equipment and video camera, the Cellar Dwellers comedy troupe for the use of their sound system, and Cafe Kolache for their continuous support. And most of all, the cast thanks our family and friends, for without them none of this would be possible.

The studio recordings of these episodes will be podcasting in a few weeks, followed by the live recordings. So stay tuned to this website, or the iTunes Music Store, for more details! And mark your calendars... because Dodge is back on June 24th.