Monday, July 17, 2006

The Conclusion of the Trial!

Faithful Library Aids! The thrilling conclusion to "The Trial of Dodge Intrepid" has been released into the wild world of the web. That's right, this four-episode story ends with two vicious battles, bringing the excitement to new heights! So make sure to listen to the episode the Beaver County Times compared to Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest"!

Last we left our heroes, they were surprised by Allister Farious aboard a train headed to Station Square in Pittsburgh! In this brand new episode, Pluck and Dodge must battle Allister and Goodnick in order to clear Dodge's name and stop the secret investigation from ever taking place. Will our heroes be able to thwart the deeds of their evil counterparts? Or will history repeat itself? Find out in this latest episode!

Click here to download Episode 304, or update your iTunes podcast subscription! The episode will also be released on Yahoo! Podcasts and!