Thursday, January 18, 2007

FEB. 3: The Freedom Readers Return!

The votes have been counted, the episodes have been written, and now you must prepare yourself for the thrilling beginning of SEASON 4 of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time!

Last we left our heroes, the election results were about to be announced for mayor of Aliquippa. Would the evil-industrialist Allister Farious win? Or would the kind-hearted Edsel Intrepid pull an upset? You, the audience, cast your votes! YOU decided the fate of our characters and the stories that lie ahead! And after three months of anticipation, you can finally learn the results!

Dodge Intrepid: FREEDOM READERS will be performed live on Saturday, February 3rd at Cafe Kolache! The show begins at 7:00PM and is free for all ages! Don't miss this hilarious and action packed show sure to make you feel alive again!