Monday, March 12, 2007

An Update, Faithful Friends

Greetings! I know, friends, that it has been a while since you have heard from your heroes... but never fear, because there is a lot in the works!

Everyone's favorite librarian will be returning to the world of podcasting very soon with Season 4's explosive "Freedom Readers" episodes. We have spent time recording in our studio, mastering them to superior quality, and pressing them into the warm wax. We will be podcasting four new episodes, one every Monday, starting next week!

There is also a brand new, official, Dodge Intrepid website in the works. It should be online in the coming weeks and will be a comprehensive source of adventure and fun for fans and newcomers to the series! The site will feature biographies of the cast and all of the major characters from the series, better access to our studio recordings, information on the Aliquippa National Library as well as Beaver County, and much more! Further down the line, the site may also include time-traveling timelines, an interactive map of the county, and videos of performances.

Also, the cast of Dodge Intrepid will be returning for an all new performance in May... as well as some other surprises!