Monday, July 23, 2007

Living Sound: Loud and Clear

livesound1.jpgThe debut performance of "Live Sound" was a rousing success at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea last Saturday. The cast of "Dodge Intrepid" was welcomed to the coffee shop by an outstanding audience--many of whom had never experienced the adventure radio serial before.

The show featured Mike and James performing an original episode written especially for BFCaT. It was titled "Dodge Intrepid: I.L.L." and followed our hero back into the Industrial Revolution of Beaver County as he and his intern try to fulfill an old interlibrary loan request. The adventure provides a look back into Beaver County's past, while introducing some of the recurring characters' ancestry.

"Live Sound" was broken up into three parts: two segments of the I.L.L. episode and one extended preview of "Hunt for the Tome of Fire." In between the segments, local musician Jason Panella performed excellent covers of some of the 80's songs that scarred him as a child. The cast would like to thank Jason for supporting the show so much and for performing at "Live Sound." He'll definitely be invited back for the next BFCaT show!

The studio recording of this exciting new episode will be podcast this today! So download it now and get pumped for this Saturday's Cafe Kolache show! A live recording will also be release, but Jason's music will have to be cut out due to copyright restrictions (you know how that goes...)