Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Tome of Fire at Cafe Kolache!

TOF_Poster.jpgDodge Intrepid is returning to Cafe Kolache on Saturday, July 28th for a brand new adventure! The Hunt for the Tome of Fire has Dodge on a mission to retrieve the mystical book Hirs-top-kit, which allows its possessor to shoot fire. Along the way, Dodge, accompanying by his loyal intern Pluck Gumption, finds some unlikely allies and even unlikelier enemies!

Be sure not to miss this thrilling trek into the heart of World War II and Eastern European folklore! It has been over six long months since the last live performance of the Dodge Intrepid radio show, and our heroic librarian is coming out swinging! The entire cast of colorful characters is back for this new adventure, including a new villain that you've been hearing about since the very beginning...

Also at the Cafe Kolache show, the cast will be collecting donations to help the B.F. Jones Memorial Library (aka the real Aliquippa Library). The B.F. Jones was recently flooded during a bad rain storm, which actually devastated the entire main street of Aliquippa. During the flood, the books being stored in the basement (many of which were children's and historical books) were ruined. Donations collected at the show will be given to the library in order to help them recover.

And of course, don't forget about the prelude to "The Hunt for the Tome of Fire" being performed the week prior at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea! That's a part of Live Sound, a new music/adventure combo performance featuring the cast of Dodge Intrepid alongside coffeehouse-rocker Jason Panella. Saturday, July 21st at 7:30pm.