Thursday, September 06, 2007

Episode 407 Right Here (Podcast Later...)

The latest episode of in the four-part adventure "The Hunt for the Tome of Fire" is now available to download right here! Unfortunately, we're having issues with our podcast feed, so the "casting" of the "pod" has been delayed until it can get fixed. But, for those of you who visit our Library Aids blog, you can skip to the head of the line and listen to it today!

In this newest episode, Dodge, Pluck, and Lancer find themselves being chased by Nazis at a checkpoint in Prague. It doesn't look like they'll be getting out of this pickle alive, unless they get some help from some new friends... Meanwhile, the evil Allister Farious has teamed up with his gypsy-mentor Amsterdamd on a trek to a dank fortress that would be perfect for scheming and plotting.

Will our heroes get out of Prague alive? What kind of man or beast could possibly help them? And will they ever find this mystical fire book? Find out the answers to some of these questions in episode 407!