Monday, October 08, 2007

Live "Tome of Fire" Online

The first of the live "Hunt for the Tome of Fire" recordings are now online. The four-episode adventure was performed live back on Saturday, July 28th at Cafe Kolache. Get the live Episode 405 now!

This 25-minute beast not only includes the thrilling and hilarious first episode of "Tome of Fire," but also features our introduction to the performance. This show at Cafe Kolache benefitted the B.F. Jones Memorial Library, which was flooded just a few weeks beforehand.

We've also added a nifty new feature to the site. If you look on the right column, at the top, you'll see a "Listen Now" button. By clicking that, you'll open up a new window that features the awesome podcast/RSS reader Grazr. Here you'll be able to listen to any of our podcasts right in your browser, without having to download anything. It's a flashy way to browse through all of our episodes, and even read the podcast-specific descriptions for the episodes. Give it a try!

And while you're enjoying these live episodes, we are getting ready for a brand new live show ("Duel with Death") on Saturday, October 20th at Cafe Kolache. See you there!