Monday, November 12, 2007

Duel with Death Debuts Online!

Dodge and Pluck's newest adventure Duel with Death is now online... at least, the first installment is! Episode 409 is now podcasting just in time to sate your urges for new action.

Last we left our heroes, they had made a startling discovery buried beneath the streets of Aliquippa. Now, find out exactly what it is that they found, and how it will change (almost) everything! Also, Dodge receives a cryptic message, stuck to the library wall with a knife, informing him of a rare manuscript hidden inside of the notoriously haunted Vicary Mansion. Will our heroes be able to retrieve the book? What disturbing discovery was buried in the street? And who sent this mysterious note?

It's the first episode in a new four-part adventure... Duel with Death!

Episode 409 is available on the iTunes Music Store, our podcast RSS feed, and right here!