Monday, January 14, 2008

The Final Live "Duel" Now Online

Episode 412, the final episode of Dodge Intrepid's "Duel with Death" is now available online! This thrilling episode, along with the three before it, were performed live at Cafe Kolache on October 20th.

In this thrilling conclusion, our heroes find themselves returning to the Vicary Mansion to once again search for the book; however, upon arriving they find themselves in a trap that's too surprising to be believed! Don't miss Dodge's most exciting conclusion yet... plus, don't forget about our trademark ending leading you to our next live performance (Saturday, February 16th).

Now that this live episode is available, the creators of Dodge Intrepid will be returning to their coffee-filled writing routines to finish Dodge's next exciting adventure. We hope that you'll stay tuned, and pass the word along to your friends!

Also, Dodge Intrepid now has a page on Facebook, that marvelous social networking tool that only the 21st Century could devise! Check it out, and become a "fan" of it so that you can be updated on all the latest Dodge Intrepid news!