Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Return of the Podcast: Episode 413 Debuts!

It's been a long, cold month since the last podcast update, but now your weary ears can rest with a brand new episode of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time! The first installment of Dodge's latest Season 4 adventure is now available: Episode 413!

This is the first of four episodes in Dodge's latest adventure: Fireside Assassins. Dodge and Pluck, having just returned from their thrilling 19th Century adventure in Duel with Death, find Buick LeSabre asking for their help. Buick has been asked to travel to Washington D.C. to help the military decipher the Tome of Fire (a book Dodge and Pluck found in their previous adventure The Hunt for the Tome of Fire) and he needs the help of Aliquippa's top librarian. Much to their chagrin, Dodge and Pluck travel to D.C., but unbeknownst to them, stalwart newspaper editor Ted Brubaker and his intern Tug Horsense are hot on their trail, looking for their next big scoop.

Will our heroes be able to decode this ancient book of mysticism? Can Dodge get along with his enemy, Buick LeSabre? And what treachery will Pluck discover while he's down there?

Find out in this brand new studio recording: Episode 413!