Monday, May 12, 2008

Live Live Sound

A few weeks back, the cast of Dodge Intrepid made their successful return to the Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co. for a new performance of Live Sound. With an audience filling the cafe, Mike and James took to the stage with local musician Jason Panella (pictured), for an evening of adventure and rock.

Now, in case you weren't there, you can experience the auditory pleasures of Live Sound from the comfort of your computer... sort of. Unfortunately, Jason's skillfully played cover songs can't be included in the podcast. But you can check out our live performance of the special episode "I.L.L. 2" along with a preview of our upcoming "Web of the Futurist" performance.

The cast of Dodge Intrepid would like to thank Jason for playing at Live Sound. We look forward to more Live Sound performances with Jason in the future.

Download the Live Sound performance of I.L.L. 2 now!