Monday, May 05, 2008

A New Special Adventure: I.L.L. 2!

Dodge and Pluck's latest adventure into the world of Inter-Library Loans is now podcasting! This new one-shot episode, I.L.L.2, first debuted at the Live Sound performance on April 26th. Now, it's been recorded in our studio and polished to perfection.

In this latest adventure, Dodge and Pluck receive a request for Charles Dickens's Mudfog Papers, the only Dickens book not in Dodge's possession! That doesn't deter our hero! Dodge and Pluck use their time traveling book to go back when the Mudfog Papers were first published; however, their adventure to Victorian England triggers a case of a mistaken identity and uncovers a treacherous con man! It's a thrilling episode you won't want to miss!

So download I.L.L.2 today! And if you missed our first I.L.L. adventure, you can download that studio recording here.

Next week we'll be podcasting the Live Sound performance (sadly, without Jason's awesome music, due to copyright).