Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Final Live "Futurist"

The live performance of Episode 420, the final installment of "Web of the Futurist," is now available to download. Not only is this the fourth and final episode from the live performance at Cafe Kolache on May 10th, but it also features a brand new commercial written especially for the coffee shop.

In this grand finale, our heroes, who have teamed up with Plato and Aristotle, must battle the giant spider Futurist on the steps of the Library of Alexandria. With his sinister new piece of art tearing apart the library column-by-column, will our heroes prevail? Or will this Wonder of the World be reduced to nothing more than rubble? Find out in Episode 420!

Now that the live recordings of "Web of the Futurist" are now complete, be on the lookout for our official studio recordings starting next week! If you've waited patiently to hear those before listening to the live stuff, the wait is almost over. Everything is recorded and sounds wonderful, they just need to be edited together.

Download Live Episode 420 now!