Monday, June 09, 2008

Promoting Futurism Thru Adventure!

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time is doing its part to promote literature, the library system, and Modern Art movements! Our latest adventure, "Web of the Futurist," is all based upon an Italian art movement started in the early 20th Century. Recently, Italian Futurism News, a blog dedicated to preserving Futurism and promoting exhibits and scholarly work on the subject, discovered the show and honored us with some very kind comments:

I'd never imagined a conversation where it would be declared that "Marinetti thought we could just rub the toast on the butter" but here we are, in the midst of the"Web of the Futurist", 4 episodes which are part of the "Dodge Intrepid" series of radio programs by Mike Rubino and James Catullo. As Mike Rubino says in an article on, "We've taken an obscure modern art movement and embodied it in this villain called The Futurist. It's a hilarious way to learn about the movement and everything it stood for."


The cast of Dodge Intrepid is grateful for the endorsement! If anyone is interested in learning more about the Futurist art movement, is a great place to start. The blog also features plenty of links to other great resources on the movement.

"Web of the Futurist" isn't the only time our Italian foe has appeared, however. You may recall that his first appearance was way back before we were even naming these episodes! In episodes 205-208, our heroes first discover that their library is filled with manifestos, and they trace the books back to the original Italian artist as he attempts to kill Johannes Gutenberg! If you'd like to check out those episodes, you can right-click and get them here:

Ep 205
Ep 206
Ep 207
Ep 208

And stay tuned in the coming weeks for more live episodes!