Monday, September 22, 2008

The Beginning: Episode 2

The second installment of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time: The Beginning is now online for your auditory pleasure! This new episode picks up at the end of the previous one, with our heroic librarian and his intern trapped at gunpoint by a mysterious nemesis.

Episode 102 begins with the industrial lights of a steel factory turning on just as our heroes were about to extract information from the notorious goon-for-hire, No Goodnick. However, they quickly discover that they are the ones in peril, as the evil industrialist Allister Farious traps them at gunpoint. Prepare to learn, in horrific detail, all about the nigh-immortal, former Prussian prince, gypsy industrialist, and the great lengths he's gone through to secure The Chronotope. And listen as Dodge's skepticism about time travel vanishes in a whirling vortex of wind and lighting! It's a thrill-a-minute as our heroes finally unleash the Pages of Time!

Download Episode 102 now!