Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Special is Here!

Your luke-warm chocolate instantly turns hot... your stockings are suddenly stuffed... your Christmas tree is covered with a surprising amount of tinsel. Why is that?

Because the Dodge Intrepid 2008 Christmas Special is now available!

It's Light-Up Night in the bustling burgh of Aliquippa, and Grandpa Edsel Intrepid is preparing for the big triumph of his first term as mayor: he's going to create the most magical Christmas celebration ever, complete with a parade, living nativity, and children's choir. Meanwhile, our hero, Dodge Intrepid, and his befriended nemesis, Buick LeSabre, are on their way out of town to a Vancouver Rare Book Expo and Symposium. Both of these seemingly unrelated events are brought together, however, when a saboteur shows up to destroy Christmas!

Oh yeah, and Pluck and Tug are vying for first chair alto in the children's choir.

This new Christmas episode is not only chocked with Christmas cheer, but it may be our funniest episode yet! So don't waste any more time, because Christmas is just around the corner!

We'll also be releasing a very special live recording of our first ever Christmas Special performance at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea, featuring music by Jason Panella!

Get the Dodge Intrepid Christmas Special 2008 today!