Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day, Here's a New Adventure!

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time thanks all of those men and women who serve and protect this wonderful country. Their service and sacrifice is truly humbling. Happy Memorial Day!

To celebrate, check out our brand new podcast! It's another thrilling and hysterical Inter-Library Loan adventure, a special sort of episode where our heroic librarian and intern duo must travel the world to fulfill the coveted ILL request.

In this new one-shot episode, I.L.L. 3, our heroes travel back in time to hear a first-hand retelling of the story of Beowulf. After narrowly escaping a hoard of angry vikings and traveling back to 1940s Pittsburgh, Dodge discovers they brought back more than just a good story... a viking is loose in the city of Pittsburgh! Listen in awe has he disrupts a ball game at Forbes Field, ruins a hockey match at Duquesne Gardens, and tears through Pitt's Cathedral of Learning. It's a romp you won't want to miss!

So download I.L.L. 3 today! Or simply update your podcast feed.