Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Death Mountain Crusaders: Episode 501 Online!

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time enters its fifth season with the release of Episode 501, part one of Death Mountain Crusaders!

Dodge Intrepid and his stalwart intern, Pluck Gumption, are on a mission deep into the heart of Africa. They're joined by Ambridge librarian Chris Sebring and his large-toothed sidekick Bucky Tagalong on a quest to establish a library system for a small African tribe. Little does Sebring know, Dodge has ulterior motives: he's trying to discover the link between the mystical runes in The Chronotope and the Tome of Fire... and the answer awaits him in the mysterious caves of Death Mountain!

Will they be able to set up a library in a remote African village? What secrets will Dodge discover on Death Mountain? And will any of them survive the dangers of the jungle? Find out in this exciting first episode!

This is the thrilling first installment of a new four-part adventure. So update your podcast feed, or download the episode here! The adventure continues next week...