Monday, July 06, 2009

Showdown at Death Mountain: Episode 504

We hope that everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day this past weekend, but the fireworks are far from over! The pulse-pounding finale of Death Mountain Crusaders is now podcasting!

In this fourth and final installment of Dodge's latest adventure, our heroes return to Death Mountain. This time around, however, they're joined by Sir Toronado, and it's the year 12 million B.C.! After following a long series of challenges and clues in hopes of securing the mysterious Kryodex, Dodge finds himself faced with new prehistoric challenges and dastardly old foes. Will our beloved librarian get his hands on the Kryodex? What secrets does Death Mountain hold? And will everyone make it out alive? Find out in this thrilling conclusion!

Listen to Episode 504 today!

And starting next week, look for the live performance podcasts of Death Mountain Crusaders!