Monday, November 02, 2009

The Wait is Over, The Riot Act Begins!

The mayor is missing. The Kryodex is in the hands of the enemy. The librarian has been arrested.

So begins the thrilling first episode of The Riot Act, the latest four-part adventure in the fifth season of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time!

With Grandpa Edsel Intrepid missing, there's a power void in the City of Aliquippa mayor's office. Before Dodge and Pluck have time to even react, they're detained by Archibald McLeash, the dastardly Librarian of Congress. He's investigating the mysterious deaths of Chris Sebring and Bucky Tagalong (from Death Mountain Crusaders), and he'll stop at nothing to get a confession.

This first installment kicks off the latest adventure of Beaver County's favorite time traveling librarian. The Riot Act is filled with danger, surprises, and excitement. The cast is huge, with scores of colorful characters both new and old! It's a tale not to be missed.

Listen to the adventure below or update your podcast feed, and get ready to scoot to the edge of your seat!