Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That Old Hiatus

It's been a while, dear Library Aids. It's been too long. The last you've heard from Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time, it was Christmas. A lot has happened since then, causing us to take a slight hiatus. The series co-creator/writer and voice of Dodge Intrepid, James, moved to Cleveland. But now that he's settled in up there with his wonderful fiance, Mike and James have begun work on a brand new adventure.

Using the miracles of modern technology, Mike and James have begun the writing process with the help of an advanced telegraph system called iChat AV. They may be miles apart, but that won't stop Beaver County's favorite time traveling librarian from saving the world.

It's too early to schedule the next performance, but stay tuned to this blog. Subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't miss an update. And be sure to check out our backlog of fantastic adventures!