Monday, September 13, 2010

Flak Jacket & Red: The first episode of "Flesh and Bloodlines" now online!

Dust off those library cards, get out your listening robe, and put some coffee on the stove... it's finally time for a new Dodge Intrepid podcast!

The first thrilling episode of our brand new adventure, Flesh and Bloodlines, is now available!

Episode 509, the first of four episodes in our new adventure, finds our heroic librarian, Dodge Intrepid, and his faithful intern, Pluck Gumption, preparing a new audio/visual room in the library. As they clean out this seemingly unused auxiliary office, they discover a box of letters: the last correspondence from Dodge's missing parents. Until now, our hero has never heard a word from his parents, who have been missing most of his life. Now, not only does he find their letters, but reads of a brand new artifact sure to help with the decoding of his mystical collection of books! Our duo sets off for Alaska.

For the time being, this brand new adventure will only be released as a pristine live performance recording, complete with introductions by the cast, lovable flubs, and the laughter of a cafe full of fans. These are some of our best sounding live recordings to date. The show was recorded live on August 21st at Cafe Kolache in Beaver, PA. Performers include Mike Rubino, James Catullo, Michael Hinzman, and Marissa DeSantis, as well as sound effects by Dan Rubino.

Listen to Episode 509 now!