Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 2010 Christmas Special

The Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time 2010 Christmas Special was, perhaps, our most successful holiday performance yet! With a cafe packed full of fans, friends, and family, we presented a hilarious new adventure featuring Beaver County's favorite librarian.

In this year's episode, the City of Aliquippa finds itself shrouded in fear as a rash of kidnappings have left the town helpless. With the entire police force on vacation (thanks to a decree from Dodge's grandfather, Mayor Edsel Intrepid), it's up to Dodge and Pluck to find out who's behind the disappearances. What they discover will shake you to your very jolly core!

Performing alongside Mike, James and Michael was the infinitely talented duo of Marissa DeSantis and Jason Panella. Marissa sang some original songs (featured in the recording!), including last year's Christmas hit about the Krampus.

This year's podcast is a recording of the live Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea performance on Friday, December 10th. Unfortunately, our thank you message at the end of the show was lopped off by Garageband, so Mike had to record it separately. We hope you enjoy this very special episode!


[Unfortunately, we're currently have an issue with our podcast feed so for now you can only get the episode here... fingers crossed for a Christmas miracle!]