Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We've Moved!

Hello Library Aids! In case you've wondered why this site has been gathering more cobwebs than the Poetry Section in the Aliquippa National Library, the answer is simple: we've moved.

After our successful performance of "The Beginning" at the Cabaret at Theater Square, resulting in the largest live audience we've ever had, we decided to start fresh. We have a new website and a new podcast feed, available in iTunes and via RSS.

The podcast has been rebooted, featuring a less-redundant chronology (we're not longer podcasting both live and studio versions of episodes, just one or the other), Feedburner support, and all-around better writing. Best of all, the website features expanded content for fans, including a season/episode guide, poster gallery, and character biographies.

So as we continue to write, perform, and podcast our librarian's new adventures, we ask you to update your subscriptions and check out our new page! We'll see you... in the future.