Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who are the Freedom Readers?

In a desolate future, where books and words have been outlawed, there is but one hope for the survival of literature: the Freedom Readers. You may remember this rag-tag group of vigilantes from Season 2 of "Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time." Now they're back in an all new set of episodes set to debut live this Saturday, Feb.3 at Cafe Kolache.

Led by the purest symbol of manliness, Codename: Hemmingway, this group of literacy-liberators embody some of the greatest pre-1940 American authors the world has ever seen! Having been English professors and librarians in a previous time, these nameless revolutionaries took on the personae of the writers they admired.

• Whitman: the idea man. He's the top mission planner and analyst for the group. Hemmingway may call the shots, but Whitman pours them.
• Melville: the weapons expert. He's a large man with a beard to match his intelligence. Carrying a spear with him at all times, this would-be pirate doesn't go by Ishmael.
• Twain: the master of hand-to-hand combat. Creator of the fighting style "Roughin' It," he's one Southerner you don't want to mess with. Quicker than a jumping frog and more deadly than a ninja... he doesn't need more than his hands to even the score.
• L. Frank Baum: the demolitions expert. He's a crazy one-armed, cross-eyed bomber who's great at what he does: blowing things back to Oz.
• Steinbeck: head of transportation. Flying above Beaver County in his black Cessna, named "The Pearl," this Dustbowl survivor seems to take his literary character a bit too far. He always gets the job done, no matter the cost!

But these aren't all of the Freedom Readers! With hundreds of soldiers in battalions all across the world, this fighting force is ready to put it all on the line in the name of literature! And when they team up with their idol, the world famous librarian Dodge Intrepid... things could get explosive!

Dodge first met the Freedom Readers during his mission to stop the assassination of Otto von Bismarck (Episodes 201, 202, 203, 204). They were vital in freeing Pluck from the evil grasp of the "tickle monster" and saving Dodge from the Prussian secret police. But after Dodge's touching encounter with Hemmingway on a plane ride back from Europe... the Freedom Readers were never heard from again. Until now!

Don't miss the exciting debut performance of Season 4! Find out the results of the Election of 1940! And witness the return of the Freedom Readers! Saturday, Feb. 3 from 7-9PM at Cafe Kolache!. Cafe Kolache is located on 3rd St. in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Admission is free, and the show is family friendly!

So get ready to make history... again!