Thursday, November 03, 2005

Season Two Sneak Preview!

Hazaah! Season Two doesn't debut until this Saturday, but since our Library Aids are so devoted, we've released the first episode this week! Now you can get a heads up on the game! Click here to listen to the great first episode. Or, if you subscribe to our podcast elsewhere, you probably already have it!

In this thrilling episode, we learn about the Chronostary, a room constructed using instructions found in the Chronotope. This room allows Grandpa to exist outside of time! Therefore, he isn't directly affected by the changes that Dodge and Pluck make in the world's timeline. The episode also picks up immediately after the season one's final episode with some startling discoveries.

It's not to be missed! But even more important: this Saturday's performance is not to be missed! 7PM at Cafe Kolache in Beaver, PA!