Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"While You Wait..." by Grandpa Intrepid

Hey faithful Library Aids... are you as bored as I am? I'm just sitting here, in the Chronostary, flipping through the same Life Magazine over and over again. I just can't wait for Dodge and Pluck to get back so I can accomplish something. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind having the job of monitoring changes in time. It's a fairly interesting subject. I'm just afraid not much happens that often.

I should really bring more than one issue of Life down here at a time. It gets so boring, just staying behind on the adventures, trying to occupy myself. I can't leave the Chronostary, because then I'd be stuck in the middle of all the crazy changes in time, thanks to the deeds of Dodge. This is the only place where I can stay "outside" of time, unfettered by the shifts of reality. I should have brought a sandwich or something.

I guess I could read one of Pluck's picks... since he started keeping them down here so that no one messes with them. They are all so weird, though. And they are covered in gum or something. All of the Hardy Boys books have pieces of paper sticking out of them with a summary of the ending. What a terrible way to enjoy trashy adventure writing!

One thing I do recommend, if you are as bored as I am, is to go back and enjoy the tales of our past adventures. Sure, I spend every one of those exciting stories sitting in this stupid basement... but Dodge and Pluck are still as entertaining as ever! And if you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "Chronostary," specifically guide your ears to the beginning of the Second Season!

Until next time... I'll still be here.

-Grandpa Edsel Intrepid