Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dodge Intrepid in Pittsburgh Magazine!


Our brand new show, which debuts in less than 24 days, has made it into the theater section of Pittsburgh Magazine, the city's premier publication! We are currently listed in the June 2006 "Best Restaurant" issue.

If you are visiting our meager website for the first time, please direct your eyes to the column on the right. There you will find all of our previous episodes available for download. You can also find links to the iTunes Music Store, Yahoo Podcasts, and, where you can subscribe to future podcasts or stream current episodes! We are currently recording Season 3 of "Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time" and will be releasing new episodes online in just a few weeks!

Our next live performance is Saturday, June 24th, 7:00PM at Cafe Kolache!

[*Correction: the article lists us at "City Dwellers." Pittsburgh Magazine was referring to the troupe "The Cellar Dwellers" to which all of us belong. Dodge Intrepid, however, isn't a Cellar Dweller production.]