Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dodge Featured on

"Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time" has been featured on, a national screen and stage actors website. The feature, written by Robert Isenberg, was published on the website just a week ago and not only praises the show, but also gives some insight into how the whole thing got started: "Indeed, it was the managers of Café Kolache who approached Rubino, asking if he'd be interested in performing sketch comedy there. 'It's such a small café, we could never really do any [sketches] there,' Rubino says. But the troupe's vocal talents and broom-closet sound effects have made the show a cult favorite for Beaver residents and others."

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time is an online radio drama recorded live at the Café Kolache, a modest coffeehouse in the tiny town of Beaver, Pa., not far from Pittsburgh. Written, produced, and performed by two college students, Michael Rubino and James Catullo, the show has become a hit among locals-who can enjoy the free live performances-and online listeners, who can download podcasts of the show from anywhere in the world.

[One correction to the article: It lists both Mike Rubino and James Catullo as college students... but as we all know, James holds a bachelor's degree in English from Grove City College.]
Dodge Intrepid is hammy and satirical, following the adventures of a Beaver County librarian and his Sancho-like intern. The mode is decidedly retro, and the company has eschewed any kind of seriousness. If there's a blue note, Rubino says it's this: "My ulterior motive is to promote the library system, really."

The article does reveal the next two Dodge Intrepid performance dates: September 9th and November 4th at Cafe Kolache. So mark your calendars today!

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