Friday, November 03, 2006

Cast Your Vote Tonight!

Tonight is the big night! Now is your chance to catch the thrilling season finale of "Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time" and cast your vote for mayor of Aliquippa! Be there, 7:00pm at Cafe Kolache on Third St. in Beaver and don't miss this fantastic new show!

Two candidates, facing off for a public office that could make more break the thriving metropolis of Aliquippa! Will the evil industrialist, Allister Farious, be able to win the election and fulfill his plans to take over America? Or will the feeble grandfather of our heroic librarian, Edsel Intrepid, secure a victory and... do whatever it is he plans on doing? You will be able to cast your vote and decide! Everyone in attendance will be able to vote via paper ballot to elect their favorite candidate.

Make sure you don't miss what has called "hammy and satirical"! Jason Panella says of the show, "Mike and James (and Mike and Dan) are a good example of local entertainment that needs to be championed." See what everyone's talking about!

And don't worry, you too can become an informed voter! Just check on our "VOTE TIME TRAVELER" button on the side of the page to launch our brand new Flash "Campaign Headquarters." Once it finishes loading (the sound files total 6MB) you can listen to the unedited Farious/Intrepid debate, various stump speeches, and their radio campaign commercials! Plus you can view our campaign literature! It's your one-stop-resource for campaign coverage!

So cast your vote in tonight's exciting and hilarious performance of "Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time"!