Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Fight in the Future Continues

A new episode of "Dodge Intpreid" is now podcasting, continuing the Season 4 adventure that you've been waiting for! Episode 402 was released online this evening (we apologize for the slight delay) to all of our podcast subscribers.

In this episode, we find our heroes and villains separated by space and time. Allister Farious has taken over Aliquippa, declaring himself the winner of the election amidst the chaos of episode 401. Now, he has assembled a pack of goons to do his dirty work, which includes arresting his former political rival Edsel Intrepid. Meanwhile, Editor-in-Chief Ted Brubaker is in a deep coma and his intern Tug Horsense has declared himself new chief at the Beaver County Gazette! With the town of Aliquippa sliding towards dictatorship, our trusty librarian and his intern are in the year 2000, cornered in their own Chronostary, fighting Allister Farious's forces alongside the Freedom Readers.

Will our heroes be able to find out the truth about the election? Will Allister Farious be able to succeed in creating the totalitarian future that Dodge and Pluck are currently fighting? And will Grandpa be able to adjust to prison life? Find out in this grand new episode!

This podcast is brought to you by Chick-fil-A at the Beaver Valley Mall