Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tending the Rabbits

Dodge and Pluck are stuck in an alternate future and need the help of Steinbeck and the rest of the Freedom Readers to get home and fix the past! It's a new episode of "Dodge Intrepid" packed with edge-of-your-seat humor and side-splitting action!

Last we left our heroes, they were in the future, fighting alongside the Freedom Readers to defend their Chronostary. But in the fray, Dodge lost his copy of the Chronotope--the book that allows him to travel through time! Now, Dodge has to divert from his original mission to get back his book, lest he be stranded in the future forever!

Meanwhile, back in 1940-41, Allister Farious continues to spread his power and influence throughout Western Pennsylvania. His goons are spread out through the state, taking over towns and building up armies. All of this is going unchallenged thanks to the imprisonment of Edsel Intrepid and the shooting of Ted Brubaker (like he would have helped anyway!) The only man, if you want to call him that, that stands in the way of Farious is Tug Horsense, who has promoted himself from intern to Editor-in-Chief of the Beaver County Gazette.

With Tug Horsense fighting to discover the truth about the election, and Dodge and Pluck doing the same in the future, will the true winner ever be revealed? How far will Farious's power reach? And can the Freedom Readers help Dodge get the Chronotope back?

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