Thursday, August 23, 2007

Helping the B.F. Jones Recover

During our last performance at Cafe Kolache, we collected $70 in donations to help in the B.F. Jones Memorial Library recovery effort. The library was flooded back on July 5th, and incurred a massive amount of damage, especially in their basement archives. Recently, we received a letter of thanks from the library, along with a newsletter detailing all of the damages. Here is just a sampling of the cost of this flood:

Books lost = $71,662
Computers lost = $6,100
Handicapped Elevator damage = $7,500
Dry wall, floors, painting and furniture repair = $35,000

And while I didn't list everything, the library states that their initial estimate for all the losses was over $125,000. They also lost over 3,000 books.

Of course, we realize that our small contribution will barely scratch the surface in the repair effort. And so the cast of Dodge Intrepid asks you to please consider donating funds to the B.F. Jones to help them recover. You can find contact information by visiting their website.

Thanks for your support, and we hope that the B.F. Jones will be able to return to its former self soon!