Monday, August 20, 2007

New Podcast: Episode 405!

Dodge and Pluck receive a sudden invitation to have dinner at Pluck's parents' house. Pluck's mother is kind and hospitable; Pluck's father is a military general who is more than happy to go toe-to-toe with our heroic librarian. But they've been called out to this Victorian mansion for reasons far greater than a good meal: Dodge and Pluck must travel to Europe to find the mystical book "Hirs-Top-Kit," also known as "The Tome of Fire." It's a mission of the utmost importance, because if they succeed the American military might be able to end World War II, and the basement of the library will avoid becoming a bomb shelter!

Will our heroes be able to succeed? What kind of new threats await them in war-torn Europe? And who will they meet along the way?

This is the first in a four-part adventure called "The Hunt for the Tome of Fire." These studio recordings will be released each Monday, followed by recordings from the live performance! So get ready for a brand new adventure!

Episode 405 is available to download right here, or through a subscription to our podcast!