Monday, March 24, 2008

The Final Fireside Chat Online!

Dodge's latest adventure is coming to a fiery end with today's release of Episode 416, the final installment of Fireside Assassins!

In this thrilling conclusion, our heroes converge in France, at the fiery mansion of Buick LeSabre. While Dodge and Pluck are busy helping Buick, those relentless defenders of the Fourth Estate, Ted Brubaker and Tug Horsense, were tailing two spies through the woods of Dijon. These spies seem to be connected to the fireside assassination attempt in Washington, and Ted and Tug are determined to find out how!

Who are these faux-Nazi spies? What possible motives could be behind the fireside assassination attempt? Will our heroes be able to get out France alive, or are there explosive challenges ahead? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the final chapter of Fireside Assassins.

Now that all of the studio recordings are available, we will start podcasting the live performance of Fireside Assassins from last February. So look for four new live episodes starting next Monday.

To listen to all of the episodes from Dodge's latest adventure, download these MP3s:
Episode 413
Episode 414
Episode 415
Episode 416