Monday, March 31, 2008

Live Podcasts Begin... Live Sound in the Future!

This week we begin podcasting the live recordings from the "Fireside Assassins" performance of February 16th, 2008. The show debuted to a full house at Cafe Kolache in Beaver, PA. You may find, if you listen close, that there are some slight differences between the scripts of the live and studio episodes (mainly because the live shows lend themselves to a spot of ad-libbing). So download the live recording of Episode 413 today!

Also, get ready for two new live performances coming up in the next month. After a fairly long hiatus, Dodge Intrepid will be returning to the Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co. (known to most as "BFCaT") for another "Live Sound" performance. The Live Sound shows feature a brand new Dodge Intrepid adventure alongside local musician Jason Panella. Our latest Live Sound performance is being held Saturday, April 26th at 7:30pm. Admission is totally free!

If you want to listen to our Dodge Intrepid I.L.L. recording from the previous Live Sound show, click here!

Of course, Live Sound is only the beginning! Looking further into the future... Dodge Intrepid will be returning for a new, full adventure two weeks after Cafe Kolache on May 10th!