Monday, July 21, 2008

Episode 420: The Season Finale

The final episode of Dodge Intrepid's latest grand adventure, Web of the Futurist, is now available online! Episode 420 is not only the thrilling conclusion to one of Dodge's most exciting tales, but is also the Season Four finale!

Web of the Futurist began on the shores of France in 1941 and ends on the shores of the Mediterranean in Ancient Greece! Our heroic librarian and his intern have chased their nemesis, The Futurist (who, through the technology of the future, has transformed himself into a giant steam-powered spider!), across the sea to Alexandria. Now, they must stop The Futurist's deadliest work of art yet: The Tremulous Fingers of the Red Dawn, Part 5, which is set to slowly destroy the Library of Alexandria! Twists and turns abound in this final episode, as old friends return, older enemies fight back, and a thrilling new connection is discovered!

Web of the Futurist marks the end to the Fourth Season of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time. Make sure that you listen to the complete set of four exciting episodes, and check out the rest of the season (which can be downloaded via podcast, or from the sidebar on the right side of the page). And stay tuned for some big announcements coming soon!

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Episode 420