Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Complete Season 4

The fourth season of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time has come to an end. Not only was it our longest season yet (20 episodes!), but it has also featured some of our most exciting and original adventures! So for the uninitiated, here is a rundown of the season, and a brief synopsis for each set of episodes.

Freedom Readers
Season 4 literally began with a bang. The previous season focused mainly on the mayoral race between the evil industrialist Allister Farious and Dodge's grandfather, Edsel. Just as the winner was about to be announced, an assassin's gun rang loud! Now, Dodge and Pluck have to travel to the future to stop the past... and they'll need the help of that literary A-Team: The Freedom Readers!
Episode 401
Episode 402
Episode 403
Episode 404

The Hunt for the Tome of Fire
Dodge finally meets Pluck's father, a general in the United States Military, over dinner at the Gumption house. General Gumption sends Dodge and Pluck on a special mission: to retrieve a mystical book, that supposedly shoots fire, from war-torn Europe before the Nazis get a hold of it. Dodge must team up with the unlikely book hunter Lancer while fighting off gypsies, Nazis, and a Golem!
Episode 405
Episode 406
Episode 407
Episode 408

Duel with Death
Having returned from Europe, our heroes discover a terrible secret buried beneath the main street of Aliquippa. Now, they must travel back into Beaver County's past and investigate the haunted Vicary Mansion, stop a mysterious killer, and face off against the most famous duelist in American history!
Episode 409
Episode 410
Episode 411
Episode 412

Fireside Assassins
Finally returning to the present, Dodge and Pluck are called to Washington D.C. to help decode the Tome of Fire for the Military--and much to Dodge's chagrin, he must work alongside his college nemesis, Buick LeSabre! While in D.C., Pluck discovers a terrible plot to assassinate FDR, and leads our heroes across the ocean and into Nazi-occupied France!
Episode 413
Episode 414
Episode 415
Episode 416

Web of the Futurist
While in France, our heroes discover their foe, The Futurist, is alive and leading an art movement poised to take over the world. Stopping him won't be so easy, after they find him transformed into a giant steam-powered spider machine! Whether they're in the present, the anarchic future, or the ancient past, our heroes fight colorful characters and wade through the murky waters of history to save the library... and history!
Episode 417
Episode 418
Episode 419
Episode 420

Season Four is certainly epic! So sit back and enjoy, and get ready for this August's Third Anniversary of Dodge Intrepid!