Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Decision is YOURS!

dodge_election.jpgGet ready for the most important election in Beaver County history! "Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time: Decision 1940" is less than a week away!

Two candidates vying for the office of Mayor of Aliquippa: Allister Farious, the nigh-immortal, evil industrialist, gypsy and mortal nemesis of Dodge Intrepid; and Edsel Intrepid, the feeble, former-librarian-now-just-old grandfather of Dodge Intrepid! Over the past year, you've encountered the roller coaster ride that is Aliquippa politics: trials, library burnings, debates, stump speeches, and time traveler hysteria. Now you get to cast your vote in the actual election and change the course of history!

That's right, Library Aids, you will get to determine the outcome of the election, which will have a profound effect on Season 4! So weigh your options carefully, research your candidates, and make a decision that comes straight from your heart! To help you along, make sure you check out our campaign literature and past episodes to see what the candidates are all about!

Don't miss this exciting new show! This Saturday, November 4th at Cafe Kolache come and listen to the thrilling season finale of "Dodge Intrepid" and then, cast your vote for mayor! Everyone who votes at the show will receive a coupon for a free chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A! The show begins at 7:00PM and is completely free to attend!